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Rail & Tram Infrastructure Maintenance

Civic Group offer infrastructure maintenance services in both the rail and tram sectors. We provide expertise in the following areas:


  • Maintenance of traditional and imbedded rail.
  • Installation and relocation of Train / Tram stop equipment including ticket vending machines (TVM).
  • Installation of passenger information displays (PIDS), CCTV, audio equipment and public lighting.
  • Maintenance of Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS).
  • Upgrade works to existing Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVLS).
  • Installation of detection loops along the rail.
  • Supply and installation of wireless railway crossing systems.
  • Snow clearing from rail and stops.
  • Rail Safe – Trackside Worker Protection System.

  • Wireless Train Detector

    Click here to download Wireless Train Detector PDF

    Click here to download Rail Safe – Trackside Worker Protection System PDF